Saturday, June 19, 2010

400. Illmatic- A good time for a quick recap.

Album: Illmatic
Artist: Naws
Year: 1994
Genre: Rap


1. The Genesis
2. NY State of Mind
3. Life's a Bitch
4. The World is Yours
5. Halftime
6. Memory Lane
7. One Love
8. One time 4 your mind
9. Represent
10. It aint hard to tell

Album 400 and it's almost a year to the day since I started this blog. My horizons have been expanded to the tune of 100 albums and it's a good time to sit down, take stock and have a bit of a recap. Here are some things I've learned after 400 albums.

-Tom Waits is amazing and you should all listen to him more often.

-America and England are the only two countries that produces music. The rest of us just listen. America has 67 albums on this countdown. The UK has produced 32.

-The Best of the Girl Groups has buggered up my nice neat tags column by being both a British and an American release so it needed both tags. Curse you upbeat females and your cheery close harmonies!

-Hip Hop is a much more varied genre than I gave it credit for. I used to think I didn't like it because it all sounded the same. Now I realise I don't like it because I find all the various sub-genres equally annoying.

-There is not a single album in the bottom 500 of this countdown from 1969. I predict there will be a lot more later on.

-Fans of Jazz music have a reason to feel slighted by the fact that there are only two Jazz albums in the countdown. Folk fans can feel double annoyed.

-Punk starts and ends with the Clash as far as I'm concerned. They may have been influenced by what went before and influenced what came after but I don't care.

-Over a third of the countdown (37 albums) comes from the Seventies. Surprisingly the eighties (22 albums) has more than the sixties (16 albums). I expect this will change as the countdown progresses.

-As Steve pointed out in the last review there are a few albums that seem to have made it on the list on the strength of one track. My definition of a great album is one that is still a great album even if you remove the standout track.

-The Pogues are great and I thank Rolling Stone for introducing me to them. The same goes for Paul Butterfield and Sam Cooke's live at the Harlem Square club.

-By the way. Someone called Nas released an album called Illmatic. It appeared at 400 on the countdown. Feel free to reread my hip hop reviews and apply the same sentiments again.

Favourite Customer Review Quote: "llmatic is with out a doubt the best hip-hop CD that I have ever listened to. Nas's lyrics communicate with people better than Ronald Reagan. Every track on the CD is phat. You could listen to the entire CD without skipping a single song (unlike some of the new so called hip-hop CD's). Illmatic is definitely woth the money and will be a pleasure to listen to. Trust me, you won't be dissapointed. "

-Ronald Reaan? I've never heard a rapper compared to Ronald Reagan before.

Influenced by: Rap
Influenced: Rap

Highlight: oh I don't know... track four.
Lowlight: Oh I don't know.... track four, no wait, track five.

So what do you think? Are you annoyed I didn't bother reviewing Illmatic or grateful I spared you another rap review? And while I'm there do you have highlight you'd like to point out? Let me know below.


  1. Top work David on the first 100. cant wait for the next 400. You know that means it goes on for the next 4 years? remember , the best albums are yet to come. O, by the way ,is there going to be any Bucks Fizz ?

  2. No Bucks Fizz as far as I'm aware of. Four years is a scary thought. Lets see if we're all still here in 2014.

  3. Actually Illmatic is considered to be one of the all-time great albums in hip-hop, and it is one of my faves. To me, I am actually shocked at the fact that it is so low.