Tuesday, September 28, 2010

372 Late for the Sky- Still more Jackson Browne.

Album: Late for the Sky
Artist: Jackson Browne
Year: 1974
Genre: Rock


  1. Late for the Sky
  2. Fountain of Sorrow
  3. Farther On
  4. The Late Show
  5. The Road and the Sky
  6. For a Dancer
  7. Walking Slow
  8. Before the Deluge

There are three types of reviews that I'm really struggling to write on this blog. I've done over 100 albums, I'm a fair way into my next 100 and I've started to develop a sense of dread when I see a certain type of release crop up. The first are rap albums about which I've said almost everything I can. There's only so many times you can type "I don't see the attraction" before it starts to wear a bit thin. The second albums I cringe at are seminal punk albums, releases by obscure American bands from the seventies or eighties who released one album that sold 14 units but has since been regarded as hugely influential by musicians whose albums sell 15 units but Rolling Stone felt the need to survey for this list. The final album that I dread seeing, the last release that makes me groan inwardly and outwardly at the same time are releases by Jackson Bloody Browne.

I'm not sure if you can remember my last Jackson Browne album review. It's possible you recall it well because it was pretty much exactly like the Jackson Browne review I wrote before. For memory the last time I wrote about Browne I scrabbled around for some descriptive sentences before launching into a welcome distraction about how talented the musicians he played with were. Now I find myself reviewing another album by the talented but dull singer/songwriter and I'm left without anything much to say and a lot of space to say it in.

What can you say about Jackson Browne that hasn't been said before? The answer is nothing. He's laid back, middle of the road and forgettable. The reviews I've churned out about him so far have been predictable, pedestrian and just as unmemorable. Late for the Sky is exactly like his other releases only slightly more highly regarded by the sort of people who like Jackson Browne albums. It's not a departure from his previous styles, in fact Jackson has never departed from his previous styles. He's been recording music for nearly four decades now and all his albums are basically genial Folk/Rock that genial folk/rockers like. I've read a lot of reviews of his albums and it's interesting to note that most of them focus on the lyrical content. As someone who has been forced to review his albums I can understand why they do this. There's nothing much new to talk about musically so reviewers are forced to discuss the words in order to filll column inches.

Jackson Browne ladies and gentlemen, he's very consistent.

Influenced by: Jackson Browne
Influenced: Jackson Browne

Highlight: One of the tracks
Lowlight: One of the other tracks

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "Of course Jackson Browne's songs from the early seventies tend to sound alike. He was and is a moderately talented composer and singer."

-It's worth pointing out that's from a five star review.

So Jackson Browne is he....um... you know... or is he more....I mean isn't he....um... is he? Let me know below if you can be bothered.

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  1. I can understand how he has done pretty much the same thing for nigh on 40 years. I have sold nails for over 25 years. I will say no more, except to say I love both bullet head and flat head nails.