Wednesday, November 17, 2010

358. Singles going Steady. Clever title.

Album: Singles Going Steady
Artist: The Buzzcocks
Genre: Punk
Year: 1979


  1. Orgasm Addict
  2. What Do I Get?
  3. I Don't Mind
  4. Love You More
  5. Ever Fallen in Love?
  6. Promises
  7. Everybody's Happy
  8. Nowadays
  9. Harmony in My Head
  10. What Ever Happened To?
  11. Oh Shit!
  12. Autonomy
  13. Noise Annoys
  14. Just Lust
  15. Lipstick
  16. Why Can't I Touch It?
  17. Something's Gone Wrong Again

Singles Going Steady is a collection of all the Singles released by seminal UK Punk act the Buzzcocks. For those who love their punk seminal and British there are three bands worth getting excited about: The Sex Pistols, The (early) Clash and the Buzzcocks who never quite achieved the notoriety of the Pistols or the sales of The Clash. In fact the Buzzcocks are best known for giving their name to the title of an BBC music quiz show called Nevermind The Buzzcocks in which two great Comedians (Phil Jupitas and The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding) are joined by pointless shiny pop-stars who begin the show as the next big thing but whose career has pretty much passed by the time it goes to air.

The Buzzcocks are famous for being Punk’s less vitriolic and more melodic proponents. They’re not railing tunelessly against things as much as they are putting traditional rock themes (sexual frustration, teen angst etc) to a conventional melody and then playing it fast. You could imagine almost all the songs on this album slowed down and sung by a female vocalist with a bit of classical training, most would hold up quite well.

The problem with singles collections like this is that they throw on the B-sides as well. Which means it tries to act as a Greatest Hits package (the singles) and a rarities collection (the B-sides) at the same time. The first-time listener gets to enjoy great tracks like Ever Fallen in Love which is a fantastic song and it’s B-side Just Lust... which isn’t. There are some further hits on Singles but sadly they’re outweighed by the misses. Noise Annoys is an appropriately named attempt to charm the listener with a song that keeps stopping abruptly and then starting again, which sadly fails badly.

If you were around in the seventies and disgruntled with the excesses of Rock and Roll the Buzzcocks are probably remembered fondly as a kind of saviour who resurrected music. For those of us who grew up in a time when Rock didn’t need saving bands like the Buzzcocks who revel in their amateur status can often seem as self-indulgent as the virtuoso stadium rockers.

The Buzzcocks- not sure I’d recommend the band but the TV show is definitely a winner.

Influenced by: The Velvet Underground and The Sex Pistols
Influenced: Melodic punk bands (Greenday for example) and people who name panel games.

Highlight: Ever Fallen in Love
Lowlight: Noise Annoys

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: “If you do not own this you are dumb”

-That’s it. That’s the full review. Amazingly one person rated this review as helpful. I wonder what it actually helped them to do?

-The Buzzcocks. Do they generate a buzz for you or are they just a bunch of.... punks. Let me know below.

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