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322 Ghost in the Machine- Lets never speak of them again.

Album: Ghost in the Machine
Artist: The Police
Genre: Pop
Year: 1981


  1. Spirits in the Material World
  2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  3. Invisible Sun
  4. Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)
  5. Demolition Man
  6. Too Much Information
  7. Rehumanize Yourself
  8. One World (Not Three)
  9. Ī©megaman
  10. Secret Journey
  11. Darkness

I have to confess that encountering this album was a huge personal relief. When I embarked upon this project I deliberately tried not to pour over the list in order to preserve some element of surprise. I didn’t want to know what was coming but I did have the occasional peek from time to time for research purposes.

Once such dip into the list occurred a long time ago when I reviewed my first Police album. I naively assumed that I’d encountered Sting’s lone appearance in the countdown. I wrote my review but was horrified to discover that there were three further police albums in the list. When I was plodding my way through Jackson Browne albums, seminal punk and rap releases I cheered myself up knowing that there was lots more Dylan and Stones to come but the impending threat of further Police records blunted my enthusiasm.

But now I’ve reached Ghost in the Machine the final Police album and the last time I have to try and overlook how annoying I find Sting, something I’ve failed at three times already. He is annoying though isn’t he? His voice is irritating and he’s so pretentious it’s hard not to want to slap him around his pointless spikey head.

Unlike other Police albums Ghost in the Machine is comparatively hit-free. It does have Every Little Thing she Does is Magic but other than that (and Spirits in the material world which does get some airplay) the album is unfamiliar territory to those of us who aren’t Police devotees. You can see why most of the other tracks didn’t get much of a release, for their most part they’re not especially catchy and wouldn’t trouble the singles market.

The exception is Rehumanize yourself which is actually a great little track which really rocks along but had two things holding it back from single release. The first was a co-writing credit for Stewart Copeland which apparently was enough to sink it in the mind of Sting who wasn’t good at sharing, the other is the appearance of the word “cunts” which traditionally doesn’t go down well in the singles market.

Ghost in the Machine is a slight departure from their previous efforts in that it includes a horn section but it still sounds like Police with a horn section. If you liked them before you’ll probably like this, if you didn’t then you wont.

They good news is that we’re past them now.

Highlight: Rehumanize yourself
Lowlight: Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)

Influenced by: Erections derived from reading French Literature
Influenced: Other cod-reggae.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote:  "some sad cases like "guybunda" and "the infidel" or whatever their lame made up names are have no clue of the impact of the police.especially an album like ghost in the machine.the infidel sounds like a racist and probably doesnt like sting cause he's white.pity.i would take the worst police album any day over the over-rated bob marley.pot-head.oh and guybunda sounds like a small minded shmuck.he probably only knows the police songs from the radio and is too busy buying 50 cent cds rather than take in the incredible sounds of the police.the police took reggae and jazz and made it coolest.way to go sting and co.poor saps like guybunda and infidel should take another listen and not talk soo much.-----later"

-Police fans can be very, very touchy.

So the Police, will you miss them or are you glad we don't have to hear from them again? Let me know below.

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