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309 Nothings Shocking- well something things are.

Album: Nothings Shocking
Artist: Janes Addiction
Year: 1988
Genre: Rock

  1. Up the Beach
  2. Ocean Size
  3. Had a Dad
  4. Ted, Just Admit It
  5. Standing in the Shower... Thinking
  6. Summertime Rolls
  7. Mountain Song
  8. Idiots Rule
  9. Jane Says
  10. Thank You Boys
  11. Pig's in Zen

We all have strange dreams from time to time. Many’s the morning I’ve woken up having spent my evenings being chased by all the ingredients for gazpacho soup or being forced to play the mandolin in a polka band booked to play a pirate’s wedding. The point is that when we wake up we shrug the images off and get on with our lives (or if you’re a really annoying person you insist on telling someone about them in incredible detail). But if you’re Perry Farrell you linger on your brain’s nocturnal musings for long enough to turn them into album covers. “I had a dream last night. There were these Siamese twins joined at the side. They were sitting on a big rocking chair thing. And they were nude, completely nude. And their head was on fire. It was a really weird dream and the perfect image for our next album. Someone start making the statues.”

Despite the album title I was actually shocked to find this album was released in 1988. Nothing's Shocking sounds like something that I'd place in the mid-nineties when alternative music was a massive genre and it was possible to claim you were influenced by both Led Zeppelin and the Velvet Underground without getting laughed at. After hearing this album I wondered if my preconceptions of music in 1988 were unjustly skewed. Maybe it was a lot more progressive than I thought. I quick check revealed the biggest selling singles of the day were Don't worry be happy, Groovy Kind of Love, Always on my Mind, Heaven is a Place on Earth and Orinoco Flow... so I was right the first time.

With it's simple approach to instrumentation (no electronica here) but complicated song-structure and arrangements, and its wild vocals and screeching guitar, Nothings Shocking sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. When I was reading up on this album I discovered guitarist Dave Navarro plays in a cover band called Camp Freddy. I have to say it made me want to check them out, there's no doubt Navarro's guitar work is the strength behind this album and I'd love to see what he could with some classic songs.

Highlight: Dave Navarro's guitar solos.
Lowlight: The instrumentals.

Influenced by: Led Zep and The Velvet Underground
Influenced: Anyone taking on the title Alternative Rock

Favourite Amazon Customer review quote: I Remember Dave Navarro Is From The Red Hot Chili Peppers Album 'One Hot Minute' in 1995. I Knew That In 1987 Thre Was A Live Album Called 'Janes Addiction' Next Album In 1988 Was Called 'Nothing's Shocking' From The Hit Single "Jane Says" and "Ocean Size" The Album and The Video Was In 1989 'The Fan's Video - Soul Kiss [VIDEO]' and 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' Had A Hit From "Been Caught Stealing" "Ain't No Right" "No One's Leaving" and "Classic Girl" Is Originally In 1990. Since In The Biography They Were Disbanded In 1991. They Were Back Together Again In 1996 From "Kettle Whistle" In 1997 Is Released.

-not so much a review as a history lesson.

So is Nothing shocking or did this album surprise you? Let me know below.

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