Friday, June 24, 2011

297 Weezer. Nerds can rock too.

Album: Weezer
Artist: Weezer
Year: 1994
Genre: Rock


  1. My Name Is Jonas
  2. No One Else
  3. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
  4. Buddy Holly
  5. Undone - The Sweater Song
  6. Surf Wax America
  7. Say It Ain't So
  8. In The Garage
  9. Holiday
  10. Only In Dreams

Nerds, geeks, dweebs, boffins, egg-heads, squares, dorks and other socially challenged members of society have been pigeon-holed for years. Supposedly their world was text-books, libraries, laboratories and computer rooms. Nerds were not meant to rock. On the odd occasion when one of the terminally uncool tried to master popular music they had to be reinvented as a rebel of some kind. The openly geeky were not allowed in rock bands.

That’s all changed now in part thanks to the decidedly un-hip and geeky Weezer who decided in the early nineties that the only thing a nerd needed to form a band was three more like-minded nerds. And so Weezer was born and groups who looked like them (Ben Folds Five, the Barenaked Ladies etc) were allowed to voice the feelings of nerds (and the inner nerds) of music fans everywhere.

So what sort of music do nerds make when they put down their books and pick up guitars? The answer is rock that’s somehow... nerdy. Weezer play rock and roll but have thrown in some harmonies and further affectations that they had to study to perfect. Their vocal arrangements suggest some time spent pouring over musical notation and then dedicating time and effort to perfecting them. True rock and rollers would have just relied on shouting a bit but Weezer felt the need to intellectualize their rock and roll.

Lyrically Weezer are so proud of their geek status that they were happy to liken themselves to Buddy Holly- a prototype dweeb whose glasses provided an iconic symbol of nerd-dom everywhere.

Weezer sound like a band who are happy to own their nerd status but determined to rock out and challenge the notion of what a nerd actually wants to listen to while they study. If you like your rock intelligent but feel prog-rock is just so much wank then Weezer might just be the band for you.

Influenced by: Buddy Holly and Linux
Influenced: Rock songs written about coding

Highlight: Buddy Holly
Lowlight: Holiday


-I'm reminded about an old saying related to covers and books. This reviewer should probably spend some time listening to the White album.

Weezer? Crowd pleaser or as entertaining as an asthma attack? Let me know below

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