Tuesday, August 16, 2011

282 The Cars. The driving force behind New Wave music.

Album: The Cars
Artist: The Cars
Year: 1978
Genre: Rock


1. Good Times Roll
2. My Best Friend's Girl
3. Just What I Needed
4. I'm In Touch With Your World
5. Don't Cha Stop
6. You're All I've Got Tonight
7. Bye Bye Love
8. Moving In Stereo
9. All Mixed Up

Their primary purpose of a car is to get you from point A to point B. If you're in one you're between a place you came from and on the way to somewhere else. The Cars feels like a journey rather than a destination. It feels like a mid point between two other locations, which musically is what 1978 was all about.
After the mid seventies, big rock and roll was starting to slowly expire. Zeppelin, The Who and the Rolling Stones had all had their finest hours and the standard guitar-band format was begining to die out. In the eighties synthesized pop and heavily produced rock ruled the airwaves. The Cars feels like the half way point between two places. They're a guitar band with eighties affectations. A bunch of rock and rollers who are just discovering electronica. Guitar breaks sound strange backed with eighties synth sounds and processed hand claps, even when the guy playing them is genuinely talented.

At the time The Cars felt revolutionary but now it feels strangely dated. It's by no means a car crash but it's not a classic either. There are some highlights that sound like good Rock and Roll songs (My best friend's girl, Just what I needed, Don't Cha Stop) but some lowlights that feel like directionless meanderings in need of a musical sat nav (Good Times Roll, I'm in touch with your world).

Influenced by: The Boston music scene
Influenced: Eighties alternative rock and roll

Highlight: My best friend's girl
Lowlight: I'm in touch with your world.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review: Head on over to Amazon to check out the weirdness going on at The Cars page. Someone has created  multiple accounts and uses them to slang off the Cars and promote Dire Straits. And it appears the same person has created further accounts to slang off their other reviews and talk about how great the Cars are. Odd

So is this album a Porsche or a beaten up old bomb? Let me know below.

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  1. Perfect from start to finish and an absolute new wave classic. Even though it sounds like it's a product of its time, it is still enjoyable, to this very day. And, for the record, I do happen to like "I'm in Touch with Your World," in all of its weirdness.