Saturday, August 6, 2011

285 I'm still in love with you- Just as well since it was only 2 albums ago you were urging me to call you.

Album: I'm still in love with you.
Artist: Al Green
Year: 1972
Genre: Soul


1. I'm Still In Love With You
2. I'm Glad You're Mine
3. Love And Happiness
4. What A Wonderful Thing Love Is
5. Simply Beautiful
6. Oh, Pretty Woman
7. For The Good Times
8. Look What You Done For Me
9. One Of These Good Old Days
10. I Think It's For The Feeling
11. Up Above My Head

285 sees another appearance by Al Green who we haven’t seen in the countdown since...oooh hang on let me check... it wasn’t the last album and it wasn’t the album before that- no hang on, it was, it was the album before that. We haven’t heard from Al Green for three whole albums.  But here we are again listening to a one of Soul and Gospel’s greatest voices.

Just like Call Me (which was recorded the following year) I'm Still In Love With You is a collection of soulful ballads that Green sings accompanied by a backing band, a string section, some horns and backing vocalists who sound more like choristers than session musicians. The mood is slow and laid back and some songs (For the Good Times for example) are so languid in tempo if you tap your toes there’s enough time to make a light meal in-between taps.

There’s a familiar track or two on  I'm Still in Love with You. None of the originals have become staples  but Green does have a crack at Oh, Pretty Woman and turns it into a slow and soulful ballad (which it was pretty close to anyway) and fans of country might recognise For the Good Times which Green turns into a Soul number (you get the feeling he could turn pretty much anything into a soul number, the early works of Metallica could become soul classics if Green covered them). The final track (Up above my head) is definitely the album highlight thanks to it’s change in tempo and at just under three minutes is far too short

If you loved Call Me you’ll love this. If you found it well-sung but a bit tedious then this is definitely more of the same. Hopefully that’s it for Al Green for a while but it’s possible there’ll be another dose along in two albums.

Influenced by: Happy relationships, country and God.
Influenced: Lots of reviewers at Amazon to wax lyrical.

Highlight: Up above my head
Lowlight: I think it's for the feeling

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: " This album reaches a frothing peak of creative genius that mere mortals can not describe in words. I won't try."

-You just did try. And I think "frothing peak" was actually quite a good attempt. Very descriptive I thought.

So are you still in love with Al Green or is the Honeymoon over? Let me know below

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