Saturday, September 24, 2011

272. Nightbirds- never heard of it...oh wait.

Album: Nightbirds
Artist: Labelle
Year: 1974
Genre: Pop


1. Lady Marmalade
2. Somebody Somewhere
3. Are You Lonely?
4. It Took A Long Time
5. Don't Bring Me Down
6. What Can I Do For You?
7. Nightbird
8. Space Children
9. All Girl Band
10. You Turn Me On

Sometimes I look at the next album that the top 500 throws at me and profess total ignorance. When I first saw Nightingale by Labelle I thought "Never heard of it and never heard of them". A quick glance at the track listing revealed an album full of tracks that had never crossed my musical path before. It's nice to sit down and listen to something completely and utterly new...

...with the exception of track one which was instantly recognizable and something I'd heard a million times before. You might not know the name Labelle. You might not even recognise the name of the track Lady Marmalade but if I told you it contained the line "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?" You'd have the same aha moment that I did. "Oh yeah, that Hey Sister Soul Sister song, that Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Da Da Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Here song." Yes that song. You've heard it a million times before on all sorts of things. It's in your head now and I'd be fairly sure it's not entirely unwelcome.

It's a catchy song Lady Marmalade and unlike most catchy pop songs it's doesn't rely entirely on one refrain getting stuck in your head. The whole song is catchy and it's got a good funk groove underneath and a fine beat. It helps that the members of the band (yes Labelle is a band) have some great voices.

If you've heard the original version of Lady Marmalade and thought "I really like that song" then can I recommend you check out the rest of Nighbirds. It's an album full of funky soulful pop and hard not to like.

Highlight: Lady Marmalade
Lowlight: Space Children

Influenced by: Sly and the Family Stone
Influenced: The Fugees

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "My transaction went very smoothly. My merchandise arrived sooner than promised and in excellent condition. I would definitely do business with this seller again."

-As recently as November 2010. How many times people- you review the album and not the service! Sheesh.

So was Lady Marmalade a pleasant surprise or something you wish people would stop spreading? Let me know below.

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