Wednesday, September 7, 2011

277. Aladdin Sane- I'm sorry but I'm still not getting it.

Album: Aladdin Sane
Artist: David Bowie
Year: 1973
Genre: Rock


  1. Watch That Man
  2. Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)
  3. Drive-In Saturday
  4. Panic In Detroit
  5. Cracked Actor
  6. Time
  7. The Prettiest Star
  8. Let's Spend The Night Together
  9. The Jean Genie
  10. Lady Grinning Soul

I can't see any reason why I don't like The Thin White Duke. I respect the guy, I admire him in a lot of ways, the only possible thing that annoys me about him is the fact that I keep hearing his name pronounced in two different ways (is the Bow pronounced like the bow of a ship or the bow that goes with an arrow?). But Aladdin Sane was yet another Bowie album that I couldn't get into. So in desperation I went to a popular forum and asked people why they like Bowie.

The responses (which are genuinely true and not made up) ranged from the vague:
  • "I just like his music"
  • "it's that ineffable quality"
  • "There's nobody quite like Bowie and that's what I think like most."
To the odd:
  • "Why are boobs good?"
  • "David Bowie allows us all to do something absolutely outrageous like wear an eye patch or paint lightning bolts on our wangs."
Most responses included recommendations of other albums that I should give a try. Some I'd heard already and didn't like but others were coming up in the countdown and I will run into eventually. A lot of people expressed a degree of incredulity that anyone could not like Bowie.

In the mean time I can only say that while I understand the appeal of boobs I think there must be something more to Bowie than just an excuse to paint a lightning bolt on your penis (as if one was needed). I'll report back when I find out what that is.

Influenced by: A desire to reinvent
Influenced: Wang artists everywhere

Highlight: Panic in Detroit
Lowlight: Lets spend the night together

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "This album, THE GREATEST ALBUM OF THE '70S, is like listening to Jean Genet, the post-war gay criminal novelist."

-What an odd point of comparison.

Do you love this album? Please tell my why. I really want to know.

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