Friday, October 14, 2011

267. There goes rhymin Simon.

Album: There goes Rhymin Simon
Artist: Paul Simon
Genre: Pop
Year: 1973


  1. Kodachrome
  2. Tenderness
  3. Take Me to the Mardi Gras
  4. Something So Right
  5. One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor
  6. American Tune
  7. Was a Sunny Day
  8. Learn How to Fall
  9. St. Judy's Comet
  10. Loves Me Like a Rock

Once upon a time a singer named Paul,
decided his friend was really no friend at all,
and so, after thinking, the singer resolved,
that his musical partnership should be dissolved.
Simon decided he'd sever Garfunkle,
like one would a wart or a painful carbuncle.
He released a new album with his name as the title,
and the critics described it as essential and vital.
Another year followed and a new album too:
"There goes Rhyming Simon" and here comes a review...

Kodachrome is the opening song
some say it's a drug song, others say this is wrong
Personally it's fairly easy to see,
how the song is a statement about LSD.
If it's just about film, as some people say,
why does Simon ask people not to take it away?
Who confiscated film? Who'd deny him his slides?
It's kodachrome, innocent and nothing besides.
So if Simon laments that it may be removed,
a case for a metaphor could well be proved.
It's not kodachrome so benign and so placid,
that makes Simon see colours, it's actually acid.
Either way I'm happy to cut Paul some slack,
cos the song itself is an excellent track.

American Tune is a wonderful ballad,
who's claim to be classic is perfectly valid.
It's not hard to be angry, or sad or erotic
but it's a much harder task to write patriotic.
Jingoistic is easy, but a fine moving song,
that praises a nation doesn't oft come along.
It makes me proud to be from the U S of A
Even though I was actually born far far away

Loves me like a rock is disc's final track,
it ends as it starts- great songs front to back.
But there is a small issue, which I may have got wrong
and concerns the affection of the girl in the song.
Does she "love like a rock" because rocks are great lovers
and there's few things more sexy than a stone under covers?
Or does she "love like a rock" because she's a rock fan,
and her affection for granite matches her love for her man?

It's a quibble at best and it doesn't much matter,
the point is this album is a bloody good platter.
It's a group of great songs that comes highly commended,
that's all that I've got, this review has now ended.

Highlight: American Tune
Lowlight: The Cover, if the music had dated as badly it would be a terrible listen.

Influenced by: Simon and Garfunkle
Influenced: Dave Matthews.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was the extra cuts. Why not leave a near perfect piece of work alone? It's such blatant greed to stick things that ended up on the cutting room floor on the end."

-So they fill the blank space on the end of your CD with some bonus material and you're complaining?

So is Paul you're be all and end all who holds you in his thrall or does he appall? Let me know below.

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