Tuesday, October 11, 2011

268. PsychoCandy. Currently orbiting a moon near you.

Album: PsychoCandy
Artist: The Jesus and Mary Chain
Genre: Pop
Year: 1985


1. Just Like Honey
2. The Living End
3. Taste the Floor
4. The Hardest Walk
5. Cut Dead
6. In a Hole
7. Taste of Cindy
8. Some Candy Talking
9. Never Understand
10. Inside Me
11. Sowing Seeds
12. My Little Underground
13. You Trip Me Up
14. Something's Wrong
15. It's So Hard

Imagine a space station. One of those huge sleek things that orbits a moon in science fiction films and is all shiny white corridors and doors that open automatically. This particular space station has lots of machinery on board designed to crush moonrock or maybe reassemble crushed moonrock or do other complex spacy things. Of course it's run by a computer. A talking computer who has an artificial intelligence and programmed phrases that it can recite in a polite tone but with a diffident air. Now imagine all the crew have gone somewhere- there was a viral outbreak or an asteroid threat or a party on Saturn with free ice cream, it doesn't matter the point is that the space station is currently devoid of human life.

All that's left is the computer, and the machinery and the endless void of space.

After a few hundred years the computer starts to hum a bit to itself. Just to check it's vocal modules and audio receptors still work. A bit of a hum. Then after a few decades of humming, with the occasional "doo de do de doo" thrown in, it realizes that the machinery's thumping has a bit of a rhythm. There's a definite beat to the moonrock crushers. And the life support systems have a drone that really grooves if you have the right attitude. Tentatively at first, but with growing confidence the computer begins to sing. It's voice echoes down the abandoned halls, bouncing it's monotone lyrics off the bare walls while the machinery screeches and thumps. On occasion one of the rock crushers develops a fault and a definite howl. The computer likes these moments. It adds character.

Perhaps you're the sort of person who is listening to this description and thinking "that sounds like the coolest idea for a musical experience ever". If you are then The Jesus and Mary Chain are for you. If it sounds like your own personal hell then I recommend you leave Psychocandy well alone.

Influenced by: The Velvet Underground and the possibilities electro provide.
Influenced: Animal Collective

Highlight: Cut Dead
Lowlight: It's so hard.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "I listened to 6-7 tracks from this band and i gotta say i would not get this CD, i think "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" is way better than these guys despite having more or less cd's."

-Call me crazy but I don't think you can review an album after hearing a few tracks by the band. Even if the spread of your experience ranges from six songs all the way to seven.

So are the Jesus and Mary chain your savior and mother or just a guy from mexico and his wife? Let me know below.

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