Saturday, January 28, 2012

239. Let it be (someone else)

Album: Let it Be
Artist: The Replacements
Year: 1984
Genre: Rock


  1. I Will Dare
  2. Favorite Thing
  3. We're Comin' Out
  4. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  5. Androgynous
  6. Black Diamond
  7. Unsatisfied
  8. Seen Your Video
  9. Gary's Got a Boner
  10. Sixteen Blue
  11. Answering Machine

No. This isn't Let it Be by The Beatles. It's a compeletely difference Let it Be. Presumably the Replacements weren't aware the title had been used before and somehow managed to sail through their early lives completely oblivious to the work of the Fab Four. Imagine the shock they got when someone told them: "Really? The Beatles? Were they a thing? I had no idea. That big? Gosh. Well don't we feel silly. I wish someone had let us know before we got the cover printed."

Of course I'm joking and I'm assuming the Replacements knew full well that they were naming their album after a household name. It's something only a punk band could possibly get away with. It's a punk thing to do. Let it Be is technically a punk album but while it technically fits into the genre it's clearly been released by a bunch of people who have become frustrated with the limitations of their style.

The Replacements earlier releases were low on variation, fast on speed, light on musicianship and heavy on aggression. They were punk in every sense of the word but bored with singing about how bored they were with things. Let it Be saw them mature their sound and outlook and release an album that managed to incorporate melodies, tones and variations without ever feeling like a sell out.

Let it be really does work well as a rock and roll album with punk overtones (or vice versa) the slow songs might not hit home as well as the faster stuff but the rewards are definitely there for anyone prepared to come at it without thinking it's a Punk Album (or something written by Paul McCartney).

Influenced by: The Beatles and the Clash.
Influenced: The Indigo Girls

Highlight: Favourite Thing
Lowlight: Androgynous.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "For some of us older types, punk rock died, in a very real sense, in 1984. "

-Really? That's a very specific date. Anyone out there know what it was that killed punk in 1984?

So would you let this be as is or would you replace it with something else? Let me know below.

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