Tuesday, March 6, 2012

228 Toys in the Attic. Blagger, Swagger and stagger

Album: Toys in the Attic
Artist: Aerosmith
Year: 1975
Genre: Rock

  1. Toys in the Attic
  2. Uncle Salty
  3. Adam's Apple
  4. Walk This Way
  5. Big Ten Inch Record
  6. Sweet Emotion
  7. No More No More
  8. Round and Round
  9. You See Me Crying

Aerosmith are currently a bit of a joke again. In the last few years they've been feuding with each other, aborting tours and albums, having a series of unlikely accidents (including head surgey on the bass player due to an injury he sustained while "getting out of a car." Who can stuff up leaving a vehicle so comprehensively they require surgery?), and even becoming a judge on American Idol- a move gaurunteed to rob you of all credibility. Aerosmith were starting to look as much like a joke as their lead singer was starting to look like an elderly woman fighting a law-suit with her plastic surgeon. Things were not going well.

But before they became humorous, Aerosmith were a huge band with albums like Permanent Vacation, Pump and Get a Grip making them one of the biggest bands in the world. Before that however they were a joke who feuded, bickered and held band reunions in rehab centres.

Prior to that however they were a great band. A group who took The Yardbirds as their blueprint and played a dirty version of the blues that scared children, shocked mothers and put a huge grin on the faces of rock and roll lovers (although not nearly as huge as the grin on Steven Tyler's face, goodness that man has a massive mouth).

If you're inclined to see Aerosmith as nothing but a source of mirth please give Toys in the Attic a good listen. Sweet Emotion is a brilliant rock and roll song with an extremely groovy bass line that snakes it's way under your skin and begs you to make silly bass "Bom bom bombatta bom bom" noises along with it. The rest of the tracks are a strong collection of tunes interupted by Walk This Way, one of the greatest rock tunes to come out of America during the 1970's. If you've only heard the version Tyler and Perry recorded with Run DMC then you owe it to yourself to hunt out the original which is much better and has swagger. Swagger is one of rock's essential elements and Aerosmith had in in buckets. Toys in the Attic is a massive bucket of swagger which I highly reccomend you check out.

Highlight: Walk this way and Sweet Emotion
Lowlight: You see me crying

Influenced by: The Yardbirds, the Small Faces, The Stones
Influenced: Guns and Roses etc

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: " I wouldnt buy this if it came with a Peurto Rican Chick that the only word she knew in English was Yes or if Bush helped the Gas Prices Go Down!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Harsh. Weird and Harsh.

So do you like to play with the toys in the attic or would you lock this album in the basement? Let me know below.

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