Thursday, May 31, 2012

204- Dirty Mind. Opening my eyes.

Album: Dirty Mind
Artist: Prince
Genre: Pop
Year: 1980

  1. Dirty Mind
  2. When You Were Mine
  3. Do It All Night
  4. Gotta Broken Heart Again
  5. Uptown
  6. Head
  7. Sister
  8. Partyup  

This is why I'm writing this blog. For exactly this reason, because of this album right here.  I used to hate Prince and when discussing Rolling Stone magazine's august countdown with people I would rail and bitch and get extremely tedious about the fact that Neil Young's timeless masterpiece Everybody Knows This is Nowhwere was located below a Prince album on the countdown. "It's got Down by the River on it! How can anyone actually believe any Prince song is better than Down by the sodding River? It makes no sense!" I would shout to anyone who wasn't clever enough to see me coming and get out of the way. I would type pages of passionate but pointless vitriol into the internet about the injustice that had anything by Prince above anything by Canada's finest, but my bitter invective could be slapped down by anyone asking if I'd actually heard the Prince album I was complaining about.

My entire argument could be sunk by an admission that I was comparing something I knew well to something I'd never heard at all, which was blatantly hypocritical.

A sane and normal person would therefore decide to forgoe their online ranting and realise that the best course of action would be to stop trying to prove something on the internet and just accept that everyone has different tastes. That would be the rational response but oooh no. That's far too reasonable for this little music obsessive. That's not my style at all. Instead I set out to hear every single album at least four times so could give my posturing fervour an added degree of credence. Then I would be able to swat aside attempts to undermine me by pointing out my ignorance with a bold declaration that I was ignorant no more! I had listened to every note of every album at least four times and so was no longer spouting ill-informed opinions, I was frothing at the mouth with the froth of informed experience.

But the surprise was that some of the albums I was listening to out of a sense of spite (how dare you be above an album I love?) actually impressed me in ways I never knew they would. There were some releases that I didn't enjoy but could see why others would and some artists who I even found myself enjoying when I was sure four listens would be a unique kind of torture. This list has been a surprising and eye-opening experience and I'm really glad I set out to have my horizons widened.

Dirty Mind however is tedious wank of the lowest kind and has no redeeming features. The fact that it's above any album by Neil Young is an injustice not only to Neil but to recorded music in general. That's my informed opinion. It's an album whose cover features a man with a crap teenage moustache wearing underpants and a jacket. And it's all downhill from there.

Highlight: Down by the River (which is on a different album by a different artist)
Lowlight: The Music (closely followed by the lyrics)

Influenced by: A massive ego
Influenced: Eighties music.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "If you are a fan of the early 80s material, a big Price fan, or maybe a music historian looking to discover where music started getting lowdown and dirty, then go for this album."

-I think a true music historian might be eager to tell you that music was lowdown and dirty long before Prince felt the need to dip his sordid little oar in.

So do you have a Dirty Mind or would you rather Prince washed his brain out with soap? Let me know below.

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  1. It might be dirty as (insert bad word). But I like this album. It's like the anti-Michael Jackson. It's very very dirty, but very very catchy...and funky! You may not see any appeal in Prince whatsoever (which is fine) but I personally like this album, and I see the appeal (as filthy as it may be); and I am certainly not alone, in that opinion either. So it's fine if you don't like Prince, and tbh I do see that you ARE drawing reasonable conclusions, that I'm going to be honest are completely valid. I mean, it is really really dirty.