Friday, June 15, 2012

199- Highway to Hell. Advance Australia Fair

Album: Highway to Hell
Artist: ACDC
Year: 1979
Genre: Rock


  1. Highway to Hell
  2. Girls Got Rhythm
  3. Walk All Over You
  4. Touch Too Much
  5. Beating Around the Bush
  6. Shot Down in Flames
  7. Get It Hot
  8. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
  9. Love Hungry Man
  10. Night Prowler

Hooray! This is a truly wondrous and momentous moment for this little blogger. I've done 300 of these posts over the past three years and I've tagged every one of them. I've filled out a box that used to be below my text (but blogger moved to the side because they have to enforce a meaningless cosmetic update once a year in order to look contemporary) designating the year, decade, genre and nationality of the release. The latter usually sees me selecting American with occasional British respite. But not today. Noooo today is different. I'm proud to be typing this while standing at attention and announcing that this post requires me to create a tag called "Australian".

It's a moment that swells me with pride, the edge of which is dulled somewhat by the knowledge that it's taken over 300 posts for this tag to be employed and in the next 200 albums I will get to use it only one more time- for the same band.

According to the people who voted for this list, the only musical act to step out of the great southern continent was ACDC. Forget Hunters and Collectors, Spy V Spy, anything Nick Cave has been in or Midnight Oil, they don't exist or they just don't matter. Oh well. Such is life, as another great Australian said before his career was abruptly ended. We should be thankful for what we've got even if what we have is 1/250th of the countdown.

Highway to Hell catches ACDC at the peak of one of their mid-period reinventions when they'd clearly been listening to music from the baroque era while developing a fascination for poylrhythms, fretless cellos and Kierkergaard. No that's just crap I made up for a giggle- it catches ACDC in the period just before their first singer died and they found another one and continued as if nothing changed. It's rock and roll with bad boy lyrics and badly-veiled sexual references (unless the lyrics to Beating Around the Bush are more charmingly naive than I've given them credit for). It's pretty much the same album they released five times before and would release again and again over the following decades.

But don't for a second think I don't love this to bits. It's rock that never deviates from a formula but that formula really works. You know that an Acca Dacca release will have two really great songs on it and a lot of filler. Sometimes that filler is never worth hearing twice but their great albums (the ones on this list for example) have a better quality of filler. Girls Got Rhythm, Shot down in flames, Walk all over you and Touch Too Much don't have you reaching for the skip button which means Highway to Hell is actually worth listening to all the way through.

The top 500 might not have Cut, 10-1, Redneck Wonderland or Harry's Reasons but at least ACDC are flying the flag for Australia. Now if you'll excuse me I have a tag to use.

Highlight: Highway to Hell
Lowlight: Get it hot

Influenced by: Chuck Berry
Influenced: Boofhead bands. Lots of boofhead bands (god love 'em)

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote:  "For good lovely music, get Foreigner and Dire Straits insted who were a billion times better than this lousy AC/DC album."

-Good and lovely aren't words I've often heard associated with the music of Foreigner.

So how far are you down the highway to hell? Let me know below.

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  1. Go you little Aussie beauties!! (ACDC & beauties in the same sentence?) Fun rock & Roll to be found right here,(or is it hear?)Great to be in the top 200 at last. Go David you good thing. We are right with you for the rest of the journey. Many tough times behind you but many great times to be had ahead.