Friday, September 28, 2012

169. Exodus. That's it I'm outta here

Album: Exodus
Artist: Bob Marley and the Wailers
Year: 1977
Genre: Reggae

  1. Natural Mystic
  2. So Much Things to Say
  3. Guiltiness
  4. The Heathen
  5. Exodus
  6. Jamming
  7. Waiting in Vain
  8. Turn Your Lights Down Low
  9. Three Little Birds
  10. One Love/People Get Ready

Exodus is another step towards my attempts to work out why I don't like Reggae. I've given up trying to establish some kind of love for it. I've listened to quite a bit and still can't see the point, I've given up trying to revive the body, it's definitely dead, I'm now conducting the autopsy.

Is it Marley himself? Do I hate the music because the creator annoys me? Not at all. I've got nothing but respect for Bob as a person and I like his soulful voice. He was a big fan of cricket. How can you not love a guy who likes cricket?

Is it the lyrics? No, no problem there. Marley's lyrics are a bit hard to get into if you're not on his wavelength but they're not offensive, irritating or confronting.

Is it the instrumentation? Don't think so. Guitars, bass, drums, pretty standard stuff. No synthesizers, annoying pedal steel guitars or piano accordions.

The production then? Getting close. The opening track features Marley's voice in the middle of the mix, a guitar in the background as if it's being played by someone in another building, and the beat up close and centre. Too much reggae beat.

So.... it's looking like the beat then? Yes I think it probably is. The famous reggae beat just does nothing for me. It's too languid. It plods along and gets annoying really quickly. I've recently heard covers of Three Little Birds and Exodus and really enjoyed them both. The focused on the melody and not the rhythm and the great songs they are came through for me.

Reggae- if you have the rhythm it's great, if not it feels a like a great party going on next door that you can hear but you're not invited to.

Highlight: Three little birds
Lowlight: Waiting in Vain

Influenced by: An attempt on Marley's life
Influenced: Reggae and beyond

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "Didnt like any of the songs. But, what do I know. I'm not Jamaican."

-I'm not Jamaican either but I think this release has a fanbase that extends beyond the Caribbean.

So does this mark your exit from Reggae music or are you happy to stick around? Let me know below.

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