Wednesday, December 26, 2012

141 Live at the Regal. King of the Blues

Album: Live at the Regal
Artist: BB King
Genre: Blues
Year: 1965


1.     Every Day I Have the Blues
2. Sweet Little Angel
3. It's My Own Fault
4. How Blue Can You Get?
5. Please Love Me
6. You Upset Me Baby
7. Worry, Worry
8. Woke Up This Morning (My Baby's Gone)
9. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
10. Help the Poor

BB King is one of those performers who is happiest standing in front of an audience. He started playing concerts in the 1940's and is still playing in front of delighted guests in 2012 at aged 87. He's almost always on the road and in his lifetime has played over 15,000 concerts to an uncountable mass of humanity. He loves moving an audience using only his voice, six strings and his well-trained and practiced band of musicians.

King's record label has been keen to exploit his ability to work a crowd with a series of live albums released regularly throughout his career (and no doubt lined up ready to posthumously release when the King leaves us) but Live at the Regal was their first attempt at making money from his ability to channel the blues in its purest form. Later live releases are longer, have more hits and are frequently augmented by guests but this first outing proves that it didn't really matter which songs were chosen, King is a fantastic live performer who rules his own stage.

BB has a great voice, a tight band and can really play the guitar. He's one of those performers who rarely has a bad night but at the Regal he was in unusually fine form. If you're someone who wants to learn more about the blues and you're interested in hearing the music that influenced the white boys who picked up guitars and perfected rock and roll.

Influenced by: T Bone Walker
Influenced: Clapton and many others

Highlight: How Blue can you get?
Lowlight: Worry Worry

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote:  "I would steer clear of this selection. Or I'll send you mine for free!"

-What an excellent offer! Most people just slang off albums they don't like, this is the first time someone has offered to provide a copy.

So are you a monarchist when it comes to the blues or a staunch republican? Let me know below.

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