Monday, December 3, 2012

147. Dreams to remember. Oh yeah.

Album: Dreams to Remember
Artist: Otis Redding
Genre: Soul
Year: 1998


Disc 1

1. Shout Bamalama
2. These Arms of Mine
3. That's What My Heart Needs
4. Pain in My Heart
5. Come to Me
6. Security
7. Chained and Bound
8. Mr. Pitiful
9. That's How Strong My Love Is
10. I've Been Loving You Too Long
11. Respect
12. Ole Man Trouble
13. Change Is Gonna Come
14. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
15. Down in the Valley
16. Shake
17. My Girl
18. You Don't Miss Your Water
19. Cupid
20. I Can't Turn You Loose
21. Just One More Day
22. My Lover's Prayer
23. Cigarettes and Coffee
24. It's Growing
25. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
26. Try a Little Tenderness

Disc 2

1. You Left the Water Running
2. Trick or Treat
3. Tramp
4. Lovey Dovey
5. Let Me Come on Home
6. I Love You More Than Words Can Say
7. Merry Christmas, Baby
8. The Glory of Love
9. Tell the Truth
10. I've Got Dreams to Remember
11. The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)
12. Hard to Handle
13. Amen
14. Direct Me
15. Love Man
16. Look at That Girl
17. I'm a Changed Man
18. The Match Game
19. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
20. Shake [live]
21. Respect [live]
22. I've Been Loving You Too Long [live]
23. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [live]
24. Try a Little Tenderness [Live]

How would you like your Otis Redding best-of today? How much Otis are you looking for? A quick but definitive overview of his greatest moments? A more in depth examination? Or perhaps a massive and comprehensive anthology which takes in pretty much everything he ever did? In the digital era it's possible to take your pick and get just the right amount of Otis for you.

Dreams to Remember is the middle ground. It's two discs and while it has all the hits that a one disc compilation offers it also includes several moments that are probably too much for the casual Redding fan.  But then it won't satisfy people who really want to get their Otis-loving paws on Otis! The Definitive collection which has basically everything he's ever done. It's a strange middle ground land.

You won't find this album on the updated version of this list was released in early 2012. For some reason the writers dropped this and kept the three single albums (Dock of the Bay, Dictionary of Soul and Otis Blue) that this compilation effectively supersedes.

Personally I think I'd stick with a one disc retrospective. Who wouldn't enjoy hearing Dock of the Bay, That's how Strong my Love is, Mr Pitiful and Try a little Tenderness? But by the same token do you really need to hear Merry Christmas Baby, It's Growing or The Happy Song?

Otis is a massive talent with an incredible voice. He's one of those people who laid down the definitive version of most of the tracks he touched. I've never been convinced by his (or any soul singer's) attempts to do a version of Brit Invasion material (Satisfaction, Day Tripper and A Hard Day's Night) but when he lends his soulful voice to soul music it's a perfect match.

As I said when I reviewed him before, I can't recommend Otis Redding enough and it's definitely worth having some of his music in your collection somewhere. This is probably a bit much Redding for one person but get your hands on a single disc compilation (there are lots of them) and enjoy.

Highlight: Dock of the Bay
Lowlight: Merry Christmas Baby

Influenced by: Love and Soul
Influenced: Those who love soul

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "They say that whenever you bought an Otis single, you are buying a little bit of Otis himself."

-Really? What did he do, mix his blood into the cover art?

So is this just enough Otis, not enough or far too much? Let me know below.

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