Wednesday, January 9, 2013

136 Tim. There are some who call me.... Tim?

Album: Tim
Artist: The Replacements
Genre: Rock
Year: 1985


  1. Hold My Life
  2. I'll Buy
  3. Kiss Me on the Bus
  4. Dose of Thunder
  5. Waitress in the Sky
  6. Swingin' Party
  7. Bastards of Young
  8. Lay It Down Clown
  9. Left of the Dial
  10. Little Mascara
  11. Here Comes a Regular

Tim is a good name for an album. The Replacements are a good name for a band. There's a lot of good here but none of it is moving me.

I know I should like The Replacements. Lots of people I respect like them and I certainly like the idea of them, there is something about independent music and people who do their own thing which is definitely appealing. I also love the idea of a band who can't be categorised easily or written off as a sound-a-like. They're not really like anything else or anyone else. They're The Replacements and they're unique but I don't really like them.

I don't hate them. I don't loathe them in the way that I hate and despite other artists on the countdown but I certainly never need to listen to them again. 

I think the main problem I have is the fact that they do lots of things reasonably well but nothing brilliantly. Their songs are okay but they've never written anything I'd call a classic. They can play their instruments with a degree of competence but none of them would make a top 100 list of performers. The lead vocals sound like the most amateur of amateur garage bands which can have charm when backed by The Clash with The Clash's songwriting abilities but The Replacements just aren't The Clash.

I can't share the love but I don't feel any hatred. It's one of those releases where I just shake my head, appreciate the fact that I've taken the time to hear it and move on.

Influenced by: The Ramones
Influenced: The Indigo Girls

Highlight: Swingin Party
Lowlight: Little Mascara

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "Waitress in the Sky may have amused some back in the eighties. After 9/11 this no longer flys. And on behalf of all flight attendants, it never did."

-Slapped down by flight attendants, ouch.

So is Tim a friend of yours or a replacement for good music? Let me know below.


  1. I like The Replacements and I like your reviews. I just wish they were a bit longer though, like they used to be.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the feedback. I think my reviews have become shorter as the blog has gone on because I've said a lot of things before and don't want to repeat myself. They will become longer again in a few weeks when I start on the top 100 and change the format a bit.