Monday, February 18, 2013

123 Catch a Fire. Wailing.

Album: Catch a Fire
Artist: The Wailers
Genre: Reggae
Year: 1973


  1. Concrete Jungle
  2. Slave Driver
  3. 400 Years
  4. Stop That Train
  5. Baby We've Got a Date (Rock It Baby)
  6. Stir It Up
  7. Kinky Reggae
  8. No More Trouble
  9. Midnight Ravers

Catch a Fire was recorded when Bob Marley was still a member of the Wailers and not a solo artist in his own right. It's a group effort but Marley wrote all but two of the tracks. It's widely regarded as the greatest reggae recording ever made- the finest two sides of vinyl ever put together by an authentic bunch of Jamaicans. In other words if you don't like this you don't like reggae.

I don't like this. I don't like reggae.

I wish I did, I really do. It would be easier if I did. I don't like the fact that there's an entire genre I can't appreciate at all. It annoys me that there's an entire shelf in a record store without a single entry I can enjoy. But there it is. Reggae is just too laid back, too casual, too relaxed and too damn dull. I can appreciate the vocal talents and there is something enchanting about hearing music which is so attached to a certain culture. When you can listen to music and immediately place it geographically and culturally it has an extra level of appeal. I like the idea of reggae I just don't need to hear it.

I've now listened to almost all the great reggae albums that this list has thrown up at me. The classics of the genre have passed through my earphones 4 times each and every time they've left me cold, unaffected and bored. I've got one more to go: Legend, Marley's greatest hits compilation is on its way and I'll listen to that 4 times but since I've heard most of the songs before I'm not too hopeful.

I really hope something will click. I'd love it if somehow Legend flicked a switch in my mind and turned me from sceptic into believer but I'm not holding out much hope. I'm just not a reggae guy.

Highlight: Stir it up
Lowlight: Baby we've got a date

Influenced by: Substances (one in particular)
Influenced: An entire musical culture

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "It is the cornic buzz for the boys in Kalihi in Hot Hawaii."

-Nope, I've read that six times and I still don't understand what it means. Sorry

So do you wail about this album or rail against it? Let me know below.

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