Friday, October 25, 2013

74 Otis Blue (1965) Otis Redding

1. Ole Man Trouble
2. Respect
3. Change Gonna Come
4. Down in the Valley
5. I've Been Loving You Too Long
6. Shake
7. My Girl
8. Wonderful World
9. Rock Me Baby
10. Satisfaction
11. You Don't Miss Your Water

There are three minutes of music on this album that haven't appeared on this list already. Of all the 11 tracks on Otis Soul there is one solitary song that doesn't appear on Dreams to Remember, a compilation that appeared at number 147 on this countdown. The song in question is Wonderful World (not the Louis Armstrong one, the "Don't know much about History" one) which is the only song that Dreams to Remember forgot. Ridiculous isn't it? Apparently that one song is enough to elevate this collection 73 places higher than an album which has all the other ten tracks and an extra forty songs besides.

For the record, Wonderful World is a nice song but I prefer the Sam Cooke original, not that there's much in it either way.

So instead of retreading what I've said already here is a short selection of people who could be included on this list if we dropped this album and lost one song. Here's my missing top ten:

Midnight Oil- sure I'm biased because I'm Australian but they were fantastic and Diesel and Dust deserves more respect (as does their entire career)

Joe Satriani- Surfing with the Alien gave birth to an entire breed of guitar shredding instrumental albums. Even if you believe this is a bad thing you still should give the original and best a listen. There's some great guitar playing on Surfing but also some great songwriting as well.

Tori Amos- Piano ballads played by a prodigy who grew up loving Led Zeppelin but so much more besides. Amazing stuff and more than just chick-rock.

Frank Zappa- There's some Mothers of Invention here but not enough Frank. Have you heard Hot Rats? It's amazing and just the tip of the Zappa ice berg.

Ben Folds Five- Okay he got pretty boring later in his career and the reunion was dull as well but back when he was an angry young man, the Ben Folds Five were a great listen and unlike anything else around at the time. 

Bruce Cockburn- Canada's second finest (after Neil Young) has been releasing great music for decades and demands more credit.

The Indigo Girls- Great songwriters, under rated guitarists and beautiful voices. Their live albums are things of amazing joy.

Little Feat- Waiting for Columbus is a sensational live album. 

The Stone Roses- Number one in so many English lists but not even a mention on this one

Fleetwood Mac- Not the girl-led pop outfit but the Peter Green led blues band. The Boston Tea Party set should be here somewhere. It's an absolute monster.

So take the chance and tell me who you think is missing from this list. Let me know below.


  1. Did they lose the extra compilations on the later published list? I hope so .They could include your any of your selection and also consider any Iona album, Amy Grants Lead Me On or even a Wiggle album or 2

    1. They ditched some of them but not all. I do know for a fact that they didn't replace them with Amy Grant and the Wiggles have yet to get a mention.