Friday, January 31, 2014

60 Greatest Hits (1970) Sly and the Family Stone

1. I Want To Take You Higher
2. Everybody Is A Star
3. Stand!
4. Life
5. Fun
6. You Can Make It If You Try
7. Dance To The Music
8. Everyday People
9. Hot Fun In The Summertime
10. M'Lady
11. Sing A Simple Song
12. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

You can't buy this album any more. It's been entirely superseded but back in 1970 it was the Sly and the Family Stone album to get your hands on. It was the overview of their career up to that point (all three years of it) and the only compilation around. Two sides of vinyl comprising their greatest hits.

Since then, Sly and his kin have recorded some more classic material and later Best Of's reflect the fact that this album can no longer claim to contain their greatest hits without including material from There's a Riot Goin On which came out a year later and Fresh which came out two years after that. Consequently this album just doesn't need to exist any more. It's been comprehensively outdone by later Sly and the Family Stone releases which offer the same material in better audio quality with other essential songs that this release leaves off.

The Essential series has a two disc Essential Sly and the Family Stone which is definitely the release I'd recommend to anyone wanting to encounter their music. Its first disc has all 12 tracks on this album plus an extra six  and the second disc picks up where the first leaves off to give an extremely comprehensive overview of their career. It's also remastered so it sounds better and it's chronologically sequenced which makes it a better document of their career.

A lot of bands have two disc best of's when their career barely justifies a one disc compilation. Other bands have huge bloated box sets which contain a lot of stuff only die hard fans will ever need. The Essential Sly and the Family Stone is the perfect length to capture how dynamic, exciting and downright funky Sly Stone was. He produced some great albums in the band's short career and a two disc retrospective lets you sample the best moments which makes for two discs of well written tunes presented in funky arrangements and played by some genuine funk talent. It really is essential stuff.

Favourite Amazon Customer Review Quote: "They were one of the groups more kindly reminded in Woodstock Festival a true proof of fire that they surmounted with all the honors."

-You can always spot a google translate cut and paste when you come across it on Amazon.

So are these hits great for you or non-essential? Let me know below.

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