Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blatant Self Promotion

If you've enjoyed reading this blog then you might enjoy a book I've just published at Amazon. It's not music related but it will help you out if you want to put forward any arguments in the comment sections.

It's called How To Argue On the Internet and is a useful, but humorous, guide to getting the most out of any debate, discussion, argument or verbal stoush held online.  I hope you enjoy it.

How To Argue On the Internet at Amazon.


  1. Just bought "How to Argue On the Internet". I appreciate the Kindle format; will report back what I think.

    I've been following 500-H regularly since about the high 300's and have used it to fill out my library. As I read I sample the songs on eMusic and buy the ones that intrigue me. I wonder if direct links to iTunes or eMusic from the text are possible.

    Like you, I thought I'd experience new music and broaden my tastes. (I was listening to too much Dylan; still am.) What surprised me was how much of the corpus was already familiar. That made me feel a bit old and somewhat disappointed about lack of new horizons.

    But I was also surprised at how much I agreed with you from album to album. Where I didn't know an album well I discovered upon sampling the music that you were generally right.

    I've come to trust your judgement so much that I started questioning whether I've been wrong, say, to like Captain Beefheart or the Flying Burrito Brothers. Maybe they really are awful.

    Or maybe they only sound good on a pickup truck radio with the windows down driving across Montana on a sunny afternoon. Dunno.

    Thanks again for helping us make some sense of it all.

    R Davis
    Bethesda, MD, USA

    1. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for buying the book. I hope you enjoy it. I'd been keen to hear what you think.